How to Please a Man #2: The Right Lingerie for a Strip Tease

How to Please a Man #2: The Right Lingerie for a Strip Tease

How to Please a Man: The Right Lingerie for a Strip Tease

A Lady Chooses Lingerie by an Adult Entertainer

I am skipping ahead a few articles to a topic that is near and dear to my heart. We should really be discussing what you wear when you meet your man at the office, or when you meet him for drinks…both of those things are very important and key elements in the art of pleasing a man.  We will return to that topic  later, because despite what you see on TV and music videos these days…this is where what your mother always said comes in…A man is truly more pleased by the beauty with a little mystery in the way she dresses.  But we will cover that in a future blog post.

Today, let’s talk about how a lady chooses her lingerie to please a man.  Now, like so many things this will vary with body type, personal style and if your man has any fetishes or preferences…but there are some key elements that everyone can keep in mind when starting out.  First, unless you can absolutely guarantee that you won’t be seen in your undergarments…the number one rule for every adult entertainer and stripper is be prepared.  They must function and look good.  Do not assume that you are magically going to have a moment to pop into the bathroom to change. Go through your drawers, now…today, just do it.  If it doesn’t match, if it isn’t pretty, if it has a hole or for goodness sake looks old…throw it away!!!!!  That is not the under clothing of a lady who pleases a man! 

You wanted to know how the adult entertainers please a man, and this is how we do it!  We are sexy empowered women with lingerie that matches, supports our frames, enhances our figures, flatters our coloring, is pretty, and matches!!!  Did I say, it matches?  That is kind of a pet peeve of mine.  Don’t buy the panties that don’t have the matching bra or corset.

Back to the tips. Every starter wardrobe should have basic white because it is necessary, black because it is flattering for most everyone and so sexy, Red because it is naughty and you weren’t allowed to have it when you were younger, and then a color that really flatters you.  Then build from there. Make sure you can wear most of your choices under your clothes except for special circumstances and make sure you can put them on without assistance (except for special circumstances, cough cough).

If this is not part of your normal way of things, your existing man will be a little concerned by the change but secretly be pleased, or your new man will just know that you take care of your sexiness from every layer of you.  The best part is you will know that you are sexy to your very closest layer and you will radiate femininity to those around you.  That is the way Charlotte VIP adult entertainers do it.

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